Minecrafters and Adventurer beware – now comes LEGO Worlds and will plunge you into the Brick madness. Because here you will never run out of stones, possibly only the food or drink while you travel for hours through the LEGO Worlds.

Explore the World

The start of the journey of the LEGO Bricks leads first through some landscapes and adventure tasks.
Because first the basics of the game have to be learned. It is important to find the tools that are so important afterwards, to try them out and to learn their skills. All this through a small quest on different islands that you can explore with your spaceship.

Only when you have found all the tools, you can travel to Random Worlds there to test your skills and expand further. Because then you have to find Golden Bricks – in boxes or through quests to increase your level. This unlocks further bricks, character modifications or options for new worlds. Definitely an incentive to go on the journey into the uncertain worlds. But the problem is the following: The quests to be solved are usually very repetitive. Again and again you are faced with the same tasks that are easier to solve in the course of the game. Thanks to your tools and your more and more available objects, tricky tasks can become a fool’s joke.

Thus, the adventure part of the game is perfectly fine and consistently fun – at least for the beginning – in the long run, however, rather a little drowsy. Precisely because the solutions can be bypassed quickly. Still, you have to concede to the game that even after hours of playing new objects and worlds are still found, keeping the incentive of exploration high. Because maybe hides in the next random world that certain something to the own works to perfection to drive!

Build the World

However, if you have enough of the exploration, the best is looking for a quiet island and lets his own creativity run wild. Because LEGO Worlds really allows the player to create everything imaginable – which would be buildable with LEGO Bricks. No matter if castles, whole cities or a cozy hut somehow in the forest. Everything is possible thanks to the infinite bricks! The only limit – your own creativity!

Stone by stone you can rummage through forms and colors of the and finally realize his wish building. It only takes time and patience, then Brick for Bricke can really do it all together!

In free construction, the player can not just settle for the individual bricks. Anyone who has found interesting objects on his exploration tours can copy them and save them for later reproduction thanks to the Copy & Paste function. So you can combine your own ideas with ingenious objects from the LEGO world to create new creations. In addition, you can of course choose from a massive number of ready- made objects to beautify his own world.

But of course you can not just build objects. For in LEGO Worlds everything is really made of LEGO bricks and, as you know, that can change and adapt to your heart’s desire. So the terrain of the entire island can be changed, entire volcanoes disappear in seconds or on the fast meandering river through its own platform. There is nothing that can not exist here!

Lose Your Nerves

If you want to get away from LEGO Worlds and invest your precious time in the virtual LEGO bricks, you should also be aware that building the Brick-by-Brick and especially the tools requires a lot of practice. A small house with just four walls and a crooked roof may be tinkering fast, but who wants to create ingenious constructions, which needs practice. Because the control takes some getting used to and the tools are not always easy to handle. We tested the game for the PS4 and consoles are not the right
choice for such design games. Because the exact placement of the stones can be a bit annoying. But also the use of the copy & paste tool – which one will draw well-being or evil for the creation of larger projects – needs a lot of patience. A wrong pull and the effort was in vain or wall is finally not exactly in the right place.

So it takes some rest, a little practice with the menu and the tools and above all patience to accomplish really great masterpieces here. But who can demonstrate this, can run wild without problems for endless hours!


If you can spend your game hours in Minecraft, then LEGO Worlds is right for you. But as much as one would like to have this infinite virtual box of bricks, colors and creativity for one’s own living room, LEGO Worlds can be so exhausting. After all, the controller and the tools need a certain amount of time to get used to building a creative brick-for-brick. Especially on the console, you can always lose your nerve. And even the adventure game is fast to repetitive and thus boring. A game for hardcore creative minds who
can lose themselves in the endlessness of the construction possibilities, for all others probably rather quickly a dust catcher in a box.